Oh god let this be easy…

Whether you’re working on your VR app with a team of 20, just a partner, or totally solo… your to-do list is already long enough as it is.

There aren’t enough hours in the day and either launch, or your next big update, is always approaching faster and faster.

That’s why devs love plugins—maybe somebody out there made something that will just work.

A good plugin accomplishes what I need, with minimal tweaking, making my to-do list a bit shorter.

But a great plugin… a great plugin will do more than I need, with just as little tweaking.

A great plugin will solve my problem and make users happy.

A perfect plugin does that without any issues at any step of the way.

Pryde isn’t perfect—but it’s trying to be.

We work really hard to make the PrydeVR Unity plugin solve all of your in-engine video creation needs, and to do it as painlessly as we can.

Many developers have made videos of their Unity VR apps only 60 seconds after dropping it in.

Seriously easy

Tweaking Pryde to perform how you need for your specific app is just as easy: sliders and dropdowns.

And if you want to go really advanced, Pryde can work with a custom script or object by just dragging it into “Custom Camera.”

Creating videos of VR shouldn’t be hard.

It shouldn’t require setting up a green screen and camera rigs (with 3D printed controller-mounts) for mixed reality videos (which of course your fans couldn’t do from home).

And it shouldn’t be limited to screen-capturing jittery first-person videos. That style rarely looks both good and exciting; and it means moving all the work onto your customers—and hoping they will go out of their way to make the videos for you.

You have a great VR app, that’s about to get a lot better. We want to make sure people see it.

Show it off with Pryde.


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