No two VR apps are the same

There are thousands and thousands of camera accessories that you can buy on Amazon. And the reason is simple– we don’t all use cameras for the same reason.

So too, Pryde doesn’t pretend to know why exactly you need to record your video.

Some uses are pretty straight forward:

  • Devs making a trailer or devlog video
  • Devs making pitch or presentation materials
  • Devs making update videos for clients or customers
  • Marketers sharing isolated demos and installations to social media
  • Players auto-sharing post-match replays
  • Players recording tutorials, highlights or let’s play videos

And there are thousands more reasons why you may need a camera..

Pryde can’t plan for why you’ll use us, but we have to plan for how you’ll use us.

Your app is a unique snowflake– shaped by your goals, your technical limitations and your coding technique.

You might not have menus.

You might not have controllers.

You might not even have buttons.

You might want first-person or you might want third-person angles.

You might want a script flipping between a bunch of spectator cameras triggered by different conditions.

Pryde tries to provide you easy and flexible options, so you can select what’s best for your VR app.

This goes for our back-end Pryde Viral sharing service as well.

When it’s time to get your videos out there, we’ll help you instantly get your videos to the platform you want. With customized titles, descriptions, branding and calls to action.

Let us know what you need, and we’ll work to make Pryde flexible.

And when the players are ready, we’ll make sure their videos get straight to their accounts as well.

Because just like how Red vs. Blue was an unexpected source of viral marketing for Halo, it’s impossible to predict what will help your game take on a life of its own.

You have a great VR app, that’s about to get a lot better. We want to make sure people see it.

Show it off with Pryde.


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